Michelle Mabuyo

  • Computer Software Engineer
  • Front-end web development
  • University of Alberta
  • Filipino-Canadian
  • Marathoner of TV shows
  • Reader of fantasy series


Some highlights about my favourite software projects.

End of the Line

A multiplayer racing game with the added twist of drawing your own race track. Play against your friends using your phone as the controller, or join in as an audience member and vote on the final order of the race track.
Worked in a group of three for my Software Capstone Design Project, where I focused on the mobile client. First time learning the tech stack. I really enjoyed designing the screens/UI, and learning React.

React, MobX, Javascript ES6
Screenshots coming soon!

Modernized Weasley Clock

A Harry Potter inspired clock that shows the location of your family members. Comes as a physical clock with location icons in place of numbers and a colored LED for each person as well as an iOS app to establish your own unique set of locations.
Built in 36 hours at Hack the North in a team of two, where I focused on the mobile app. First time learning iOS development. It was a challenge learning how to do location monitoring, search results, and interfacing with the Photon.

Hack the North 2016 Top 12 Winner
iOS Swift, Particle Photon
This project is the origin story of famlink.

Hamster Home

A webpage that connects to a hamster cage to monitor your hamster’s wellbeing. You can feed your hamster with a click of a button, track its water levels and display data about its running activity.
Built in 36 hours at Hack the North in a team of two. This was our first ever hackathon, so we were pretty psyched about being winners! I loved the hackathon environment, and hacking away with Firebase and Python.

Hack the North 2015 Top 12 Winner, Firebase API Winner
Python, Firebase, Bootstrap, Arduino, Raspberry Pi


Outside of software projects, I love getting involved with community. Here are a few of my volunteer activities while in university!

The Bridge

The UAlberta Engineering monthly magazine that delivers interesting and entertaining content to engineering students. As AVP Publications of the Engineering Students' Society, I was Chief Editor of The Bridge for two years, in charge of a team of Jr Editors, designing and publishing monthly issues.
I liked to complement my technical studies with the creative side of writing, editing and laying out each issue.

Check out the issues here.

DiscoverE Girls Coding Club

As a student volunteer, I taught grades three to five girls computing science concepts for four semesters (nine Saturdays each semester). The first two semesters used Scratch, which was a great way to introduce programming with blocks of code. Another semester introduced them to website development with HTML, CSS and Javascript. The next semester used Python, which was the most challenging but also the most rewarding.
I really enjoy teaching young kids in a supportive and collaborative environment that encouraged them to ask questions and learn new things. Each subsequent semester also challenged me to find new and engaging ways to explain concepts and connect with them.

HackEd 2017

The UAlberta Computer Engineering Club's annual hackathon. As VP External for Winter 2017, I was part of the hackathon organizing team. Organizing an event of this scope was a huge task; the day of the event was the most stressful but with a great team of organizers and volunteers, we had a very successful event with over 100 participants and 40 hacks! I also worked on a transition document to ensure that next year's organizers would have a clear direction and checklist of todos.

Check out HackEd here.


Feel free to reach out to me at any of the links below!